As a business that spans across a number of Queensland regions, we interact with a diverse range of stakeholders who represent the communities in which we operate. A core element of our approach to community engagement is listening and responding to our key stakeholders, such as landholders, local government, business leaders and community members.

The feedback we receive from these stakeholders helps us to understand their expectations, enables us to prioritise issues and contributes to our overall strategy.
Through this strategy and long-term enduring relationships, we aim to support and serve the interests of the communities directly and indirectly impacted by our current and future operations.

Community Investment

Australia Pacific LNG aims to operate with due care by minimising community impacts, creating lasting improvements for local communities, and to share value with these communities through broader community development and sponsorship initiatives.

Our community investment flows from a well-defined strategy that addresses both short and long-term objectives, as well as ensuring that investments are aligned with those of the region. We look to invest in capacity building, community participation and development, to enable local communities and partners to take progressively greater roles and responsibilities.

Beyond financial resources, we consider how to make the best use of company assets, resources, expertise, advocacy and relationships to benefit local communities.

Our community investment strategy focuses
on supporting five priority areas

Education & Training​

  • Education and training
  • School-based traineeships and apprenticeships
  • Promoting maths, science, engineering and technology disciplines
  • Supporting literacy and numeracy
  • Post-secondary education and training to promote pathways to employment
  • Indigenous education and development

Community, Safety, Health & Wellbeing​

  • Research into regional community needs
  • Advanced healthy lifestyles
  • Road safety, traffic and transport
  • Emergency services support

Natural Resource Stewardship​

  • Regional biodiversity - including the protection of fauna and flora
  • Community and school-based education
  • Water management

Regional Growth, liveability & rural resilience

  • Social infrastructure
  • Regional access to culture and the arts
  • Local employment and business/procurement support
  • Business enterprise development and capacity building
  • Community development programs

Academia & Research

  • Continuing to support the Gas Industry Social and Environmental Alliance with CSIRO
  • Continuing to support the University of QLD Centre of CSG.

Indigenous Engagement

We respect and recognise the Indigenous culture and communities in the areas we operate in, and strive to achieve mutually beneficial relationships and outcomes.

We look to:

  • Improve opportunities for indigenous owned companies
  • Increase employment, retention, and career development of local Indigenous people
  • Contribute positively to Indigenous economic and social development 
  • Promote excellence  in cultural heritage management
  • Successfully implement the agreed Cultural Heritage Management Plans

We look to ensure that our business activities foster full respect for the dignity, human rights, aspirations, cultures and natural resources-based livelihoods of Indigenous people.

Sponsorships and Donations

We want to make a lasting contribution to the communities in which we are present.

Our Community Investment Program is developed to help communities meet their priorities through supporting sponsorships and donations which meet the relevant assessment criteria. We currently support a variety of local initiatives in areas like education; arts & culture; recreation; environment and indigenous related activities.

We invite applications for local community sponsorships and donations in the following areas:

Community Sponsorship Program (Origin Application Form)

Gladstone area (Conocophillips Application Form)