Cleaner Source of Energy

Worldwide, there is an increasing demand of cleaner, more reliable energy to meet our standards of living.

Our global population is growing and developing countries in Asia are rapidly expanding their economies. Australia’s proximity to Asia, combined with our abundant energy resources, means that our energy industry can help meet Asia’s increasing energy demand through cleaner energy fuels such as natural gas.

In Australia, natural gas offers one of the cleanest viable sources of baseload and peaking electricity generation

Renewable energy is the fastest growing of all energy sources. However as stated by the International Energy Agency, all energy sources, including coal, oil and gas will be required to meet global demand. Due to the lower greenhouse gas intensity of natural gas when used as a fuel, it is likely that natural gas will have an important role in the future global energy mix if Australia and other nations are to meet commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

Coal seam gas (CSG) now makes up a significant proportion of Australia’s natural gas supply, with Australia Pacific LNG holding the largest 2P CSG resources in Australia. CSG currently provides 90 per cent of Queensland’s gas needs and 15 per cent of the state’s electricity.

Helping reduce carbon emissions

It is important to consider the carbon footprint of the entire process from extracting CSG through to LNG processing, transport and its eventual use for energy overseas. WorleyParsons undertook a lifecycle analysis that considered emissions from extraction, processing, transmission and liquefaction in Australia, transport by ship to China and processing, transmission and combustion in China. The report found that the total lifecycle emissions from LNG, when used for baseload electricity generation, are 47% less than those generated from conventional coal fired power stations.

Reducing air pollution

Many major cities in the world have serious smog and air pollution problems from burning coal, oil and wood. Natural gas is a very safe and clean burning fuel that greatly reduces urban pollution. The use of natural gas results in very low emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide (reducing acid rain and smog) and has virtually no emissions of mercury, particulates (soot) or other solid wastes.

1. Based on lifecycle data sourced from ACIL Tasman. The chart shows the lowest emissions generator for each class of electricity generation.