Working with us

Employment with Australia Pacific LNG is through its shareholders, Origin, ConocoPhillips and Sinopec.

Gas Fields

Origin Energy recruits for the operation of the gas fields.

LNG Facility

ConocoPhillips as downstream operator recruits for the LNG facility and operations jobs.

The Regional Buy Program

The Regional Buy Program allows Origin on behalf of Australia Pacific LNG to collaborate with regional suppliers and contribute towards building sustainable communities and local employment opportunities.

Dedicated support is provided to regional suppliers to ensure they are considered for commercial opportunities and are competitive in providing goods and services.

The Regional Buy Portal

The Regional Buy Portal is a single tool that enables local eligible businesses to connect with opportunities to supply to Origin. The Portal provides suppliers with:
  • Direct access and visibility of opportunities to supply to Origin
  • Assistance in understanding the capabilities required for these opportunities
  • Feedback on the outcome of their quotes
  • Contact information for supplier support

Contact Information

For support and assistance please contact the Regional Buy Team:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1800 990 432

For eligibility and registration enquiries please visit: Regional Buy FAQ