Our Approach

The growth of our operations relies on a continued focus on health, safety and environmental best practice.

We’ve committed to specific standards with regard to the operations of our gas fields, gas pipelines and LNG Facility. Considerations include safety, community engagement, sustainable practices and research partnerships.


Our extensive Health, Safety and Environmental procedures ensure the health and safety of our people and contractors. We look to achieve a zero harm and incident free performance across all of our operations.


Playing a role in the communities in which we operate is a key priority for Australia Pacific LNG. Our people are dedicated to local community engagement, to listen and learn from what we hear, and to identify opportunities for sustainable long-term development.


We’re continually refining and improving our procedures to meet the highest standards. We also require all of our employees and contractors to abide by these standards and to report any unforeseen environmental impacts that relate to our activities.


Australia Pacific LNG supports two key research programs in Queensland, the Gas Industry Social Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA) and the University of Queensland’s Centre for Coal Seam Gas.