Whistleblower Policy

Purpose of Policy

Australia Pacific LNG Pty Limited (‘APLNG’) encourages the reporting of any instances or suspicions of misconduct or an improper state of affairs or circumstances involving its businesses and provides protections and measures so that those persons who make a disclosure may do so confidentially and without fear of reprisal, victimisation or detriment.

Whistleblower Process

If you are aware of illegal activity or misconduct you should report it. The APLNG Whistleblower Policy explains how to do this and who you can contact. Specifically the APLNG Whistleblower policy covers the following matters:

  • Purpose of the policy
  • Scope of the policy
  • Who the policy applies to
  • How to make a disclosure to an eligible recipient
  • The investigation process
  • Protections for eligible whistleblowers
  • The new Whistleblower Laws (including what are Disclosable Matters)
  • Roles and Responsibilities under the policy