Transport and Storage of Chemicals

Australia Pacific LNG is committed to environmental best practice across its coal seam gas (CSG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) project and its construction activity and ongoing operations are strictly regulated through Federal and Queensland Government conditions and reporting requirements.

Under Australia Pacific LNG’s Environmental and Social Management Plan, responsibilities for execution of the various environmental protection measures and regulatory compliance are assigned to the Upstream Operator (Origin) and Downstream Operator (ConocoPhillips) and their respective Contractors and subcontractors.

Responsibility for the safe transport and storage of chemicals used in drilling and hydraulic fracturing for CSG production rests with the Upstream Contractors who conduct these operations. For more information about the regulatory requirements governing the transport and storage of chemicals by these Contractors, see. As Upstream Operator, Origin also has directives and policies in place that provide assurance and governance of regulatory compliance by its Contractors.

An upstream Operator, Origin, also has directives and policies in place that provide assurance and governance of regulatory compliance by its Contractors.

These directives and policies include:

  • Hazardous Material and Secondary Containment Directive
  • Materials and Waste Directive
  • Land Transport Procedure LNG
  • Completions and Workover Fluid Transfer
  • Completions Fluid Transport Quality Assurance Procedure
  • CSG Logistics Safety Code of Practice
  • Contractor Quality Requirements

The directives stipulate legal, regulatory and company requirements regarding transport and storage of hazardous substances and dangerous goods, termed “hazardous materials” by Origin personnel and contractors on Origin-controlled sites/facilities.
Examples of this additional level of assurance and oversight applied by Origin include: Inspections and audits must be undertaken on a scheduled basis to ensure compliance with relevant materials and waste-related legislative requirements, voluntary commitments, obligations, approvals and permit conditions.

Legal compliance is the minimum requirement for all Origin business units and sites. In some instances, directives may identify additional measures that could be undertaken in addition to those required by legislation and regulation.

Australia Pacific LNG remains committed to transparency in relation to its drilling and hydraulic fracturing practices. More information regarding chemicals used in these operations can be found here: