Management Plans

EPBC Gas Fields approval 2009 4974

EPBC Pipelines Approval 2009 4976

The following plans were prepared by QCLNG and approved by the Department of Environment (former Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities) to meet the approval requirements of both proponents (QGC and Australia Pacific LNG). In order to reduce environmental impacts, QGC and Australia Pacific LNG agreed to construct a bundled crossing and QGC is managing the construction of the Narrows Crossing on behalf of Australia Pacific LNG.

  • Condition Compliance Statement and Narrows Crossing Environmental Management Plan
  • Export Pipeline (Narrows Crossing – Marine Section) Environmental Management Plan Part B
  • Dredge Management Plan
  • Export Pipeline The Narrows Crossing Aquatic Values Management Plan
  • Acid Sulfate Soils Environmental Management Plan
  • Significant Species Management QCLNG Export Pipeline – Narrows Crossing
  • Environmental Management Plan Water Mouse (Xeromys myoides)
  • Whole of Project Migratory Shorebirds Management Plan

Current versions of these management plans can be found on QGC’s website

EPBC LNG Facility approval 2009 4977

EPBC Ruby Spur Pipeline Approval 2011 6221

EPBC Alfredson Block Approval 2017 7902

EPBC Spring Gully North West & North East Approval 2017 7881

Pipelines Environmental Authority Requirements